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Valore Condiviso is Raising $5M with the help of FasterCapital

Valore Condiviso is a lending crowdfunding platform that allows people to finance Valore’s real estate operations even with small amounts of capital, returning value to the area or helping people in financial difficulty due to debt. The distinctive element of Valore Condiviso lies in the creation and sharing of Value through real estate crowdfunding. With Valore Condiviso it is possible to finance real estate transactions, thus contributing to large projects that generate Value, for the investor and the Community.

Valore Condiviso has joined the Acceleration program in order to raise a capital of $5M. The startup is based in Italy and is founded by Alberto Papa. Mr. Hesham Zreik, CEO of Faster Capital, commented, “Helping startups and entrepreneurs is our vision and we are glad to be working with VALORE Condiviso on the same

 The Acceleration program is a great fit for startups that are raising capital. The team at FasterCapital matches the startups with angel investors and VCs and helps them prepare for their funding rounds. 

Alberto Papa commented “It’s a pleasure to be part of the FasterCapital program and share the same values.

For more information visit fastercapital

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